Veneta makes susurus

Veneta makes susurus
September 3, 2020 susurus
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My grandmother used to say that there is a “sousouro” and to make sousouro meant that something was good!

Susurrus = Latin word meaning soft murmuring or rustling sound; whisper.

So, let’s make a little fuss because the Greek creator of the brand, Veneta Kokkou, chooses Thessaloniki to make her “susuro”!

I will not reveal to you yet how I met Veneta, but I will confess to you a lot about her and her creations that I have not even revealed before her! Veneta comes from Thessaloniki, a more genuine Thessalonian could not have happened to you as a jewelry maker. She is a Virgo in the zodiac sign, which means that her relationship with order and organization is even marital! She loves innovation and adores any modern, strange and unique on the planet. She chooses to pair materials that you can not imagine that fit and she manages to make each of her creations married with love and devotion. Her diligence is one of the positive elements of her character, so much so that she manages to cook for the men of her house but also to cook special beads, with laces, leather and whatever comes to her mind. -because yours does not make such a good marriage-!

She loves Thessaloniki, no matter how much she complains about OASTH, or if she is annoyed that the knot did not become a knot clockwise. She loves to frequent cafes in the city. After all she is a coffee lover, she loves sweets and everything the company demands! Apart from the jewelry she creates, she does not leave any idea and innovation not to try to bring it to her measures and to present it to her audience.



The relationship between me and Veneta is this ”Wow wow !!!! what model do I have ?? “ (Where model check at me)

From the first photo shoot we did for her jewelry, 3 hours are never enough and the best part of all this, is that no photo shoot has anything in common with the previous and the next one. You will often hear her say that she imagines a jewelry design, creates it and then closes the process for her. But when I wear them to photograph, I remind her of her first excitement !! The first shiver……. I be her model to see  this happiness in her eyes !

This year she wants our support to do SUSURUS, so what do you say ?? Will we give her the boost ??

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& get a little taste of her new collection!

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