The 8 evil eyes for this summer!

The 8 evil eyes for this summer!
September 4, 2020 susurus
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Do you love the “eyes” in your style ???


I love them and I have the Thessalonian eye guru “miss SUSURUS”  for you!

Check the eyes that I suggest you wear this summer

you will love wearing them all summer long, in many colors of cords and eyes !!!

ring your eye this summer!

It is a necklace but I suggest you put it on your head for a more summer mood!

Ftou! Ftou!! and in many colors… haven’t you made it your own, yet?

for you who love the wooden element !! yes, for you!

a little extreme condition this eye!

I can comfortably wear them all together; you can get even in the sea, nothing happens!


they also come in bracelets !!!

Wow!  How many eyes….???  choose from the top to toes which one you like and order them now!

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